6 hours ago

    29 Elevated (Yet Affordable) Tops That’ll Make Your Skinny Jeans Look So Good

    When in doubt: Wear a pair of jeans. That’s pretty much my motto when it comes to outfit conundrums and it’s…
    6 hours ago

    Hairstylist Justine Marjan Shares the Products She Can’t Live Without

    Celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan might have the most zen beauty wardrobe we’ve ever seen. When Marjan films all of her video content…
    7 hours ago

    I Found 2022’s Hottest Beauty Trends—Here’s What to Buy (Thank Me Later)

    It feels like just yesterday we were talking about 2021 beauty trends, and now we’re already forecasting 2022. Looking back…
    1 day ago

    IMO, This Is the Best Gift to Give Any Makeup-Obsessed Person in Your Life

    Sure, you can always try to look for clues and pay attention to their skincare and makeup routines. Like, maybe…
    1 day ago

    Oops, I Maxed Out My Screen Time Sourcing These TK Winter Trends on Instagram

    Scroll through Instagram for a moment and you’re bound to notice more than a few common themes. The Gucci accessory…
    1 day ago

    From Cher to Bianca Jagger, These Are the Most Iconic ’70s Makeup Looks

    The ’70s were defined by a lot of things, but through some nostalgic hindsight, you could say it was really two…
    1 day ago

    Trust Me—Buy These 23 Things

    Trust Me—Buy This is a series where our market editor Nicole Eshaghpour makes her favorite real-life fashion finds shoppable for Who What Wear…
    2 days ago

    You Win, Black Friday—These 30 Pieces Are Taking Up All My Brain Space

    Every year, I try to avoid shopping on Black Friday. I’m impulsive, and I always end up with too many…


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