7 hours ago

    I’m All About Minimalist Workout Sets Right Now—These Have My Full Attention

    As a regular gym go-er before the whole world turned upside down, it felt a little disheartening to say goodbye…
    10 hours ago

    Editors in Their 20s and 30s Agree on These 4 Trends (But Disagree on These 2)

    I wish this was sponsored by Survey Monkey because I had a blast sending a summer trends poll to my fellow editors and…
    11 hours ago

    I Just Found These 20 Vintage Chanel Items, and Trust Me—You’ll Want to See Them

    There a lot of things people do in their free time that are probably more productive and useful than what…
    11 hours ago

    Just an Update on All the Randomly Great Stuff I’ve Gotten on Amazon This Year

    I’ll admit that I place at least one Amazon order a week. It’s typically the first place I look when I…
    11 hours ago

    A Little Love Note to My Grandmother’s Jade Jewelry

    If I search through my memories of my grandmother, my Yin Yin, I always see her wearing jade jewelry. It might be in the…
    11 hours ago

    All the 2021 Celebrity Outfits That Have People Talking (Ourselves Included)

    As things start to open back up again and life resembles what we once knew, there are elements of normalcy that I’ll admit I really…
    11 hours ago

    My Friend Was “Over” Her Summer Wardrobe—I Suggested These Cute Nordstrom Items

    One of my dear friends routinely uses me as a sounding board for sartorial advice, and given that I work…
    11 hours ago

    If You’re an Early Adopter, You’ll Want to Start Wearing These 9 Trends Stat

    If the runways are any indication, there are so many cool trends coming down the pike for fall 2021. After studying…


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