4 hours ago

    Shop Ceremonia Founder and CEO Babba Rivera’s Walk-In Closet

    Babba Rivera, founder and CEO of clean haircare line Ceremonia, won the real-estate jackpot when she moved into an apartment in…
    5 hours ago

    The British Perfume Rosie HW, Victoria Beckham and Meghan Markle Have in Common

    As far as British perfumeries go, none are more iconic than Jo Malone London. From its elegant glass bottles and…
    5 hours ago

    7 Fall Color Combos That’ll Make You Look Truly Innovative

    You probably already know the typical fall colors—brown, camel, maroon, etc.—and how to pair said color families quite easily. While…
    6 hours ago

    I Tried Every Product From The Ordinary—These Are the Ones I’d Recommend

    It was when I was singing the praises of a certain £6 product that had converted me to eye creams…
    6 hours ago

    FYI: This Popular Skincare Staple Also Prevents Hair Breakage

    “Hyaluronic acid helps decrease and manage frizz and seal split ends, resulting in fuller and overall shinier hair and a…
    6 hours ago

    You Can Fake a Full 8 Hours Thanks to These $12-and-Under Concealers

    Having an A+ concealer in our makeup arsenals pretty much makes us feel like we can take on the world. We…
    6 hours ago

    I’m Currently on a Shopping Rampage—10 Items I’m Telling Everyone About

    I have absolutely no business being on a shopping rampage, but here I am. Every once in a while, I…
    6 hours ago

    The Boots, Jeans, and Sweaters Our Fashion Editors Are Obsessed With for Fall

    It’s officially that time of year when all my friends, mom, and sisters ask me about are boots, jeans, and…


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