7 hours ago

    You Don’t Know Lou Llobell Yet, But You’re About to See Her Everywhere

    As sudden as it might seem, Llobell, a Zimbabwean Spanish actress based in London, has actually had a while to…
    7 hours ago

    I Design In-House Nordstrom Labels and Think Everyone Will Love These Items

    If our team of fashion editors made a list of the stores we shop at the most, Nordstrom would undoubtedly…
    7 hours ago

    9 Fall Outfits I Always “Fall” Back On (Sorry)

    No matter what season you’re in, it always helps to have an arsenal of outfit ideas in your back pocket…
    7 hours ago

    No Matter Your Budget, Here’s How You Can Support Latin-Owned Brands

    Ask any editor at Who What Wear what one of their favorite parts of their job is and they will…
    8 hours ago

    7 Iconic Eyeliners and the 7 Affordable Dupes You’ll Love Even More

    Eyeliners fall into that annoying category of beauty products that seem like they should only cost $5 but typically manage…
    8 hours ago

    Big Trend Energy: How I’m Styling 2021’s Key Looks in a Modest Way

    “This was a safe zone of mine for a while. I love ’70s music, movies, and fashion. The overall aesthetic is…
    8 hours ago

    8 Fall Trends NYC Girls Are Actually Wearing

    Over the last few months, we’ve done a lot of guessing—albeit educated guessing—as to what fashion people all over the world…
    8 hours ago

    33 Cheap Amazon Pieces I’m Buying to Revamp My Everyday Wardrobe

    As much as I would like the world to think I look all dolled up 24/7, the reality is (of…


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