Gold Miner Stumbles Upon Shocking Ice Age-Era Discovery

A Canadian gold miner uncovered a mummified, Ice Age-era wooly mammoth body during an excavation on Tuesday.

The young woolly mammoth, named “Nun cho ga” or big baby animal” by the Trʼondëk Hwëchʼin First Nation band, is a discovery that joins a number of other Ice Age-era finds, according to a press release.

This mummified body, however, has skin and hair, something that is considered “rare.”

Yukon paleontologist Dr. Grant Zazula said it has been a dream of his to come face-to-face with a “real woolly mammoth,” CBS News reported.

“That dream came true today. Nun cho ga is beautiful and one of the most incredible mummified ice age animals ever discovered in the world. I am excited to get to know her more,” Zazula said.

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