Wisconsin man Gil Lancour tells how he helped a doe trapped on ice

TOWN OF CRANMOOR, Wis. – Gil Lancour was driving home for lunch when he saw the deer struggling on the ice-covered reservoir used for growing cranberries. He just had to stop.

Lancour, a 32-year-old worker for the Elm Lake Cranberry Co. west of Wisconsin Rapids, is a lifelong hunter, angler and general outdoorsman. But he had never seen anything like this before. The doe was out on glassy, super-slippery ice that had frozen over the reservoir, which was part of another, neighboring cranberry farm. She was on her haunches, struggling to get traction on the ice.

“You’ve seen people slip and fall on the ice, but she has hooves, and she couldn’t get up,” Lancour said. “It was just hard to see her struggle out there. I couldn’t just leave her.”

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