Tucker Carlson Loses His Mind Over Royal Interview He Says He Doesn’t Care About

Then he spent a significant chunk of his show absolutely obsessing over some of the most minute details of the interview with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, which aired Sunday on CBS.

Carlson referred to Harry as “Prince whatever his name is” and Meghan Markle as “his angry wife in Los Angeles.”

He even began the segment with a graphic stating “We Have No Interest in the Royal Family” as he called out “other channels” for “going wall to wall” with their coverage.  

“They’re natural fangirls with no self-respect, so of course they love the royals,” he said. “But we’re Americans, and the idea of bringing you the details of some dispute within a decayed monarchy is a little too much like European history class. Who cares?” 

As it turns out, Carlson cares.

He cares a lot, because he spent most of his opener on Prince Charles’ son and his wife, then slammed Harry as “weak and unhappy” and Meghan as “a manipulative opportunist.” 

Carlson’s main segment on the royal interview was 9 minutes long. 

Then he returned to the topic throughout the show, raising it with his guests multiple times.

Progressive watchdog group Media Matters noted he spent 17 minutes on the topic he claimed he had no interest in. Mostly it was angry rants directed at Meghan, all while claiming he intended to “take a hard pass” on the entire topic. 

See his main segment below: 

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