Trump Aide Bashes William Barr As A ‘Shill’ For Marxists After Damning Testimony

Barr is among the last people on Earth who could be described as a Marxist sympathizer. He has long been a proponent of boosting the power of the chief executive in America — not part of the Marxist ideology.

Barr apparently radically changed his stripes, from Harrington’s perspective, as he recounted to the House select committee that various investigations into the 2020 presidential election exposed the Trump camp’s complaints that the voting was rigged as “bullshit.” He testified that he explained that to Trump repeatedly but that the then-president never showed “interest in what the actual facts were.”

Harrington posted her comment on Truth Social, which appears to consistently block all negative responses to right-wing users. But there was major blowback — and plenty of laughs — in responses to Twitter retweets of Harrington’s message:

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