People Predict How Trump Will Flip Over Biden-Harris’ Time Person Of The Year Award

Also shortlisted were outgoing President Donald Trump; the movement for racial justice; healthcare workers on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic and infectious diseases specialist Dr. Anthony Fauci.

“If Donald Trump was a force for disruption and division over the past four years, Biden and Harris show where the nation is heading: a blend of ethnicities, lived experiences and world views that must find a way forward together if the American experiment is to survive,” Time editor-in-chief Edward Felsenthal wrote of the magazine’s decision.

While some critics on Twitter railed against the publication for not honoring those tackling and treating the spread of COVID-19, others seized the opportunity to mock Trump and imagine how he will respond to a second loss to Biden in as many months.

“Stand by for lawsuit alleging the magazine’s selection process was fraudulent and rigged,” joked “Star Wars” actor Mark Hamill.

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