‘People Are Dying’: New Hampshire State Rep. Quits GOP Over Vaccine Policies

New Hampshire state Rep. William Marsh explained Wednesday that he’d quit the Republican Party in protest at the state GOP’s COVID-19 vaccine policies, slamming them as “a bridge too far.”

“I can’t sit by in silence,” the ophthalmologist told CNN’s Erin Burnett.

The New Hampshire state GOP’s push to ban businesses from mandating vaccinations for staff and customers, and schools from mandating masks, had prompted his jump across the aisle to the Democratic Party, he said.

“We all know what’s happened in states that have followed that path,” warned Marsh. “People are getting sick. People are dying, including an increasingly high percentage of children.”

The issue was not with the government putting policies in place, said Marsh, but if companies will be prevented from doing so and “that’s a bridge too far.”

“I do see some point with the government not mandating certain things,” admitted Marsh. “I’m not going to fight that too much, although, in certain venues such as health care facilities, we do have an obligation to keep people safe.”

“But that doesn’t necessarily apply universally,” he added. “To prohibit businesses from putting in place the policies they need to keep themselves in business, that’s not what Republicans do.”

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