Mike Pence: ‘It’s Not Over Til It’s Over,’ Twitter Users: ‘It’s Over’

Although Joe Biden has won the 2020 presidential election, Mike Pence would rather quote legendary New York Yankee Yogi Berra than face reality.

The vice president took to Twitter on Monday to declare “It’s not over til it’s over,” and vowed to keep fighting until “every legal vote” is counted.

Although Biden was projected the winner on Saturday by The Associated Press and other media outlets, based on nonpartisan analysis of the vote in several states, Trump and some of his allies have repeatedly claimed he won the election. 

The president has also accused the Democratic Party of “wrongdoing” without providing evidence to back the allegations.

Not surprisingly, many Twitter users had a different take from Pence about the state of the election.

Some people pointed out that neither the administration nor Trump campaign officials have provided any hard evidence supporting claims of the type of election malfeasance that would change the results in a handful of crucial states. 

One man suggested that the timing of Pence’s “keep fighting” tweet was a little suspect, considering the vice president will be off for the rest of the week.

Another guy thought it was weird that the Trump administration was stalling the inevitable.

One woman noted that Pence’s use of the phrase “every legal vote” sounded like a dog whistle.

Another guy got a completely different vibe from Pence’s tweet.

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