MeidasTouch Delivers Powerful Closing Message Urging Republicans To Reject Trump

The progressive PAC MeidasTouch is urging Republicans to “put country over party,” reject President Donald Trump and elect Democratic candidate Joe Biden. And it makes the case with an appeal to family.

“Before you cast your ballot, take a look at your sons. Is this the kind of man you want for a role model?” the narrator asks over clips of Trump’s crass and boorish moments. “Before you cast your ballot, take a look at your daughters. Is this how you want them to think women should be treated?” 

The video also asks Republicans to look in the mirror before voting. 

“Is this a movement you want to be a part of?” the narrator asks over clips of white supremacists and QAnon believers. “The party of Trump has shown you who they are over and over and over. It’s time for you to show us who you are.”

“In history class, we often wondered how dictatorships arose from seemingly healthy democratic nations,” MeidasTouch said in a news release. “How did despots beguile nations and wreak havoc for personal power? We never thought this was possible in America. We were wrong.”

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