Mary Trump Unpacks What Her ‘Desperate’ Uncle May Be Feeling Right Now

Mary Trump on Thursday weighed in on the predicament her uncle, President Donald Trump, finds himself in as election results show his chances at reelection diminishing.

She appeared on MSNBC’s “The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell” several hours after her uncle made a wildly dishonest speech to the media in which he tried to delegitimize the results of the election, spread baseless conspiracy theories about electoral fraud and interference, and again suggested he won the race even though votes were still being counted in several too-close-to-call states.

“Donald has never been in this place before where there’s nobody to bail him out, there’s nobody to buy him out. He’s desperate, he’s flailing and there’s literally nothing he can do legitimately except to watch this play out helplessly,” said Mary Trump, a clinical psychologist who this year published a critical tell-all book about her uncle, “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created The World’s Most Dangerous Man.” 

Mary Trump said her uncle’s recent remarks gave a good indication of what’s to come, “especially if Republican leadership continues to do nothing.”

″This wasn’t just Donald obfuscating or lying. This was Donald talking about an attempted coup. The leader of a country trying desperately to delegitimize an election. It’s obscene, and somebody’s got to step in and try to stop it.”

Current Republican officials have been reticent to criticize the president directly despite his blatant attempts to damage the credibility of the democratic process.

Mary Trump also said that the facts that the GOP has gained seats in the House and appears poised to maintain its Senate majority will mean the president will experience a potential loss as a repudiation and rejection of him personally.

“And he is not going to get beyond that, and it’s going to be a very dangerous couple of months,” she said.

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