Mary Trump: Ivanka Trump ‘Less Likely To Stay Loyal’ To Her Father Than His CFO

Donald Trump’s niece said the former president’s daughter Ivanka is more likely to flip on him than his company’s indicted CFO Allen Weisselberg.

Weisselberg and the Trump Organization pleaded not guilty last week after being charged with financial crimes, including grand larceny, tax fraud and falsifying business records. Weisselberg is accused of participating in a scheme that allowed him to evade paying taxes on compensation offered to him off the books.

During an appearance on “The New Abnormal” podcast, Mary Trump said the indictment indicated that the scheme didn’t apply only to Weisselberg, but to other employees as well. 

“So, if there are two sets of books for Allen, then there are two sets of books for other people,” she said. 

Mary Trump pointed to reporting from The New York Times last year that suggested Ivanka Trump had received more than $747,000 in consulting fees from the Trump Organization while she was already working as an executive there. The business claimed those fees as tax deductions.

“She’s much less likely to stay loyal than Allen Weisselberg,” Mary Trump said. “As counterintuitive as this might sound, I think Ivanka has 1) more to lose and 2) more to hang onto. Her husband’s [Jared Kushner] family is legitimately very wealthy.”

Mary Trump said it was important to understand that Donald Trump’s relationships with his kids are “transactional and conditional.”

Mary Trump has been loudly critical of her estranged uncle and cousins over the past two years and even published a book about the family. In a different interview last week, she said she believed none of Trump’s three eldest children could be relied on for loyalty.

The full interview is available on “The New Abnormal” podcast here.

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