Let Them Eat Snow: Meghan McCain Blasts ‘Marie Antoinette’ Ted Cruz For Cancun Trip

Republican Meghan McCain lashed Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Thursday, comparing him to Marie Antoinette for traveling to Cancun, Mexico, while his fellow Texans shivered without power amid extreme winter weather.

“There’s a lot of heads to roll, a lot of people to blame,” McCain said on “The View” of the mess in Texas. She then brought up Cruz and likened him to the guillotined French queen who supposedly told her starving subjects to eat cake.

To “flee your home state while people are freezing to death, to go to Cancun, is very Marie Antoinette,” McCain said. The daughter of Arizona Sen. John McCain called Cruz’s decision “one of the worst optics I could possibly come up with in an era where there’s been a lot of bad political optics.”

Cruz hustled back to the U.S. on Thursday after he was spotted Wednesday jetting to Mexico. He claimed he was simply being a “good dad” and escorting his daughters there for a school break with friends. The senator was initially booked to bask in the heat until Saturday, NBC reported.

It was 85 degrees when Cruz was in Cancun, and a chilly 34 when he landed back in Houston, CNBC reported. The day he flew to Cancun, nearly 3 million Texas households were still without power, which has since been restored to many of them. The death toll as of Thursday topped 30.

Some on Twitter pointed out that, more than “bad political optics,” Cruz’s trip demonstrated a stunning self-involvement and callous disregard for Texans amid deadly cold.

Check out “The View” clip up top. McCain zaps Cruz as she responds to a question from Whoopi Goldberg right at the start.

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