Lawrence O’Donnell Accuses Rupert Murdoch Of Shaping Thinking Of White Supremacist Killers

Much criticism has been leveled at the divisive rhetoric peddled by some personalities on Murdoch’s conservative network — including Tucker Carlson, who’s repeatedly talked about the racist “Great Replacement” conspiracy theory on his show — after a white gunman allegedly killed 10 people in a reported racist rampage in a supermarket in a mostly-Black part of the city.

“No one should waste their breath on the men in makeup at Fox when Rupert Murdoch is responsible for everything that they say and do that helps shape the thinking of white supremacist mass murderers,” said O’Donnell.

Fox News hosts will stop “the minute Rupert Murdoch tells them to stop,” he added in the segment titled “Fox News Has Blood On Its Hands.”

O’Donnell highlighted Fox’s “abject fealty to the National Rifle Association,” saying it was thanks to Murdoch “as much as it is any Republican president that America’s mass murderers are still what they have always been, the very best equipped mass murderers in the world.”

Watch O’Donnell’s full monologue here:

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