Donald Trump Jr. Can’t Believe People Get Fired On Twitter

Donald Trump Jr. is appalled, APPALLED that people get fired on Twitter when their bosses don’t have the decency to look them in the eye to personally give them the bad news.

Donald Trump Jr., meet Donald Trump, the first president in the history of America who fired people on Twitter — several times.

The former president used … wait for it … Twitter to fire: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielson, Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin, Defense Secretary Mark Esper, White House Counsel Don McGahn, Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Director Christopher Krebs and Chief of Staff Rance Priebus.

And those are the firings that everyone — or just about everyone — knows about.

Yet, somehow, it’s a completely novel and disgusting concept to Trump’s uninformed son.

Trump Jr. slammed such firings on Saturday as he railed about the Washington Football Team’s decision to eliminate its cheerleading squad to replace it with an athletic coed dance crew, which some teams already feature.

The cheerleaders, who are welcome to try out for the new squad, weren’t actually fired on Twitter, but reportedly learned of the change in a tweet. Trump is furious the squad will no longer be all women, and called it “woke stupidity.”

“What we found out this week, is that the [team] just got rid of their cheerleaders,” he complained in a video posted on Rumble.

“Apparently they didn’t have the decency to tell them face-to-face,” he said. “The cheerleading squad was disbanded, but apparently they read about it on Twitter. They didn’t say, ’Hey come to the office, we gotta talk.” He added: “This is insanity guys.”

He then he repeated: “They didn’t even have the decency to let these women know in person. They read about it on Twitter.”

Then he repeated what he had said before that.

Really. Check it out in the Rumble post up top.

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