Anti-Trump Group Launches $1 Million In Ads Hailing Republicans Who Voted To Impeach

An anti-Donald Trump Republican organization launched a $1 million “thank you” ad campaign Friday to support members of the party who voted to impeach or convict the former president for inciting the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection.

The Republican Accountability Project, launched by the conservative group Defending Democracy Together, will place TV spots on Fox News, and is funding a series of local billboards thanking each of the 10 GOP representatives who backed impeachment and seven senators who voted to convict.

“These Republicans chose to do the right thing and abide by the oaths they took to the Constitution,” Sarah Longwell, RAP’s executive director, said in a statement to HuffPost.

“They’re going to get a lot of criticism and maybe even threats for that choice, but we want them to know that there are a lot of Republicans who support them, and who appreciate their integrity.”

The project’s leadership page lists as its chairman Bill Kristol, the famed “Never Trump” Republican who is also the director of Defending Democracy Together, as well as directors Elizabeth Neumann and Olivia Troye, both of whom served in the Trump administration until 2020.

Each large red billboard will thank a particular politician for “defending the Constitution” and will be placed somewhere in that lawmaker’s home state or district.

Each of the TV spots will also focus on one lawmaker. (Check out the video praising GOP Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney above.)

“After our Capitol was attacked, our representatives in Congress were threatened, and a police officer was killed. Rep. Liz Cheney had a choice,” says the narrator in the ad hailing her.

“She could look the other way and pretend it didn’t happen, or she could stand up and say, ‘This can never happen again.’ Thank you, Rep. Cheney, for upholding your oath to the Constitution and for protecting our country,” the ad concludes.

RAP last month vowed to make a $50 million commitment to support the reelection of Republican lawmakers who joined Democrats to support Trump’s impeachment.

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