The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection brings luxe hotel brand to sea

The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection is set to bring its luxe land-based brand of hospitality to the seas in the coming months. After multiple delays, the line’s yacht, Evrima, will take its first sailing from Spain to France on Oct. 15.

The first of its three yachts, it can accommodate 298 passengers and will travel to the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, South America and more, depending on the time of year, with itineraries that include Costa Rica and the French Riviera.

“Every element of the luxury yachting experience was carefully considered in creating Evrima,” Douglas Prothero, the line’s CEO, said in a news release. “This attention to detail and innovation, and our commitment to delivering highly personalized, immersive journeys will place The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection in a league of its own, promising unforgettable getaways for both longtime cruisers and those who are new to the space.”

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