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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Thursday announced the latest rule where it will be banning travelers from 20 countries from entering the country. This rule came into effect to curb the new strain of coronavirus which has been seeing an increase in cases from all around the world.

This is a temporary ban and it has been extended to places including Turkey, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Lebanon, Ireland, India, and the US to name a few.

This ban is applicable for travelers who passed to these countries for the past 14 days and the ban is until which date is still not mentioned.

The kingdom is facing a huge number of coronavirus cases with over 360,000+ cases and over 6400 deaths, the cases have tripled since January and the nation has already launched its vaccine drive since December 17 and is looking to reduce the new cases, however, the new strain is posing a threat to this.

Earlier, Riyadh had extended its travel ban for its citizens from March 31 to May 17 due to the delay in the supply of the coronavirus vaccine.

As India is one of the countries included in the travel ban, Indian travelers will be unable to visit destinations such as Riyadh, Jeddah, and Mecca.

The new strain of coronavirus has kept every country on its toes as there has been a spike in cases and countries are imposing fresh lockdown to curb the new cases.

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