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Recently, we had written a blog about Trans Arunachal Drive (TAD) which has helped unlock many tourist destinations. From valleys to nature, the TAD has helped the tourism department to open new destinations for tourists.


TAD showcased places like Rima, Lishu, Bomjir, Geku, Maryang, Kambu and Gori as Arunachal’s new driving destinations.

the state has some connectivity issues, due to which, areas like Upper Subansiri and Dibang Valley are still not in the tourism circuit. Local travellers aside, these places don’t see a lot of out-of-state visitors. This issue of connectivity is one of the important aspects that the state government is actively going to look into.

Arunachal Pradesh has a lot to be seen by travellers and is one of the important tourist destinations in NE India. Apart from its nature, its culture, people and traditions are most revered.

The TAD’s main focus is to showcase Arunachal as one of the driving destinations in India, your next self-drive holiday destination.

This puts Arunachal in a very good position on India’s tourism map. The move is also a boon for rural tourism because since many of these destinations are in far-flung remote areas, there will not be any big hotels where one can stay. Instead, homestays will be an important part of travel.

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