Jet Airways Previews New Flight Booking Site

The returning airline Jet Airways revealed a first look at its new booking website. The website will offer standard flight planning services, which include the option to book flights, check in, and check flight status. The airline is set to re-launch operation in September 2022.

Preparing to launch

The previously extinct Jet Airways has recently undergone many historic moments in preparation for its re-launch. One of these moments was when the CEO Sanjiv Kapoor shared a first look at the airline’s new booking website on Twitter. The site will offer flight booking options, early check-in procedures, and the ability for passengers to check their flight status.


Jet Airways has released a preview of its booking website in preparation for its re-launch. Photo: Jet Airways

The website currently sports the traditional black and white theme portraying the cabin crew as it has for years. This theme displays the airline as the same as before its initial closure. The airline hopes that it may resume flight operations in September 2022. Currently, no official launch date has been posted for the airline.

Flight plans

A specific launch date has yet to be given for Jet Airways. Before closure, the airline operated to over 65 domestic and international destinations. It previously operated a fleet of 124 aircraft. Now its fleet has been reduced to four Boeing 737 aircraft and five Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.

Jet Airways previously operated a fleet of over 100 aircraft. Now it has been reduced to only nine aircraft. Photo: Getty Images

The airline has discussed that it plans to acquire 50 Airbus A220 aircraft soon. Making it the sole operator of the A220 in India. The airline has not given any details on an inaugural flight yet. Information regarding which of its previously served destinations will be serviced has also not yet been made public.

A difficult comeback

The airline hopes that when flights begin anew, many previous passengers will return to the airline, allowing it to be one of the largest Indian airlines again. This re-launch will be a rare occasion when an airline returns after being out of service for over three years. Upon return, the airline will be greeted by an Indian aviation industry filled with stiff competition struggling to maintain operations.

Currently, IndiGo controls the majority of the Indian aviation market. Several other large airlines, including Spicejet, Go First, Vistara, and AirAsia, all control large portions of the market space. Newcomer Akasa Air is also showing promise and looks like, in several years, it may also hold a large share of the market.

Despite the large amounts of growth seen in the Indian aviation industry, it has simultaneously been plagued by rising costs and rapidly growing demand. Many maintenance errors have occurred this past year, leading Indian aviation officials to take legal action against the different airlines. Between these various challenges, Jet Airways will need to quickly secure a portion of the market to survive the turbulent industry.

Recently, the CEO of Jet Airways shared a first look at the booking website for the airline. The website is similar to its previous site and offers standard flight booking services. The returning air carrier is set to make an official re-launch in September, but no exact date has been given for the historic event.

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