American Airlines Takes Boeing’s 1st 787 Dreamliner Delivery For 15 Months

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Boeing has resumed deliveries of its classic Dreamliner aircraft. Today, American Airlines received its first Boeing 787-8 aircraft since April 2021. The plane, bearing US Registration No. N880BJ was delivered from Charleston, South Carolina, and will enter commercial service in the coming weeks. Shipments of completed models have been on hold for over a year, with the backlog reaching over a hundred aircraft.

The manufacturer is said to have around 120 completed 787s yet to be delivered from an order book of 476 of the type. Boeing Chief Financial Officer Brian West confirmed last month the manufacturer plans to ramp deliveries up to five per month, of which American Airlines expected to receive nine by the end of the year. The oneworld Alliance member currently has 47 active Boeing 787 aircraft in its fleet, including this delivery, with an additional 42 on order. American Airlines, when contacted for comment, thanked Boeing and the FAA for their contributions:


“We appreciate the work done by the Federal Aviation Administration and Boeing during the review process.

The aircraft manufacturer has been steadily producing the type and has over 100 completed aircraft for delivery. Photo: Boeing

Boeing is back on track with the Dreamliner.

Speculation that the manufacturer will resume deliveries has increased in recent weeks after three aircraft for American Airlines and one for British Airways were seen taking short test flights, a critical pre-delivery requirement. The resumption of deliveries was confirmed earlier this week, with American Airlines being the first to accept one of the freshly-certified planes.

The aircraft received by American Airlines was the 787-8 Dreamliner. The twin-engine widebody variant is configured to fly 234 passengers up to 7,305 nautical miles (13,530 km). American Airlines currently has 25 of the Boeing 787-8 type in service, including today’s delivery. The oneworld Alliance member also has 22 of the Boeing 787-9 in its fleet. The stretched version of the 787-8 can fly 285 passengers 7,565 nautical miles (14,010 km) and carry more cargo, enabling airlines to expand on routes made possible with the 787-8. Boeing is expecting an additional 42 deliveries of Boeing 787 family aircraft.

The 787 family was the most-utilized widebody through the pandemic and is one of today’s fastest twin-aisle airplanes, reaching speeds of Mach 0.85. Passengers on the aircraft benefit from improvements, including the largest windows of any get. At the same time, airlines may realize more cargo revenue capacity and type are up to 20% more fuel efficient than the planes they replace. A spokesperson for Boeing confirmed that deliveries had resumed when contacted this afternoon by Simple Flying:

“We have resumed 787 deliveries, following our thorough engineering analysis, verification and rework activities to ensure all airplanes conform to Boeing’s exacting specifications and regulatory requirements.

We remain committed to maintaining transparent discussions with our regulators, customers and suppliers to ensure we continue to deliver airplanes that meet all regulatory requirements and Boeing’s highest quality standards.”

The manufacturer has a large order book to fill for the type. Photo: Boeing

The manufacturer still has over 450 Boeing 787 Dreamliner orders remaining to be delivered. The highest demand is for the Boeing 787-9, which has 316 in its backlog, followed by the 787-10 with 121 and the 787-8 with 39. The largest customers on the record include Etihad Airways (32), Lufthansa (32), Emirates (30), American Airlines (25), and Qatar Airways (23).

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