Wallbox’s versatile home EV charger is now available in North America

The charger functions are managed locally and not in the cloud, meaning that you can still use them if the Pulsar Plus isn’t connected to WiFi. That should prove useful if your garage or driveway is too far from your router to pick up a decent connection.


The Pulsar Plus won’t take up too much space. It measures 7.8 x 7.9 x 3.9 inches, which Wallbox says makes it the smallest Level 2 charger on the market that’s capable of 48 amp (11.5kW) output. Through the power sharing feature, you can connect multiple chargers to the same electrical circuit. They’ll automatically balance energy distribution depending on each vehicle’s demand and charging speed.

At the very least, the Pulsar Plus will give EV owners more home charger options. Although Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector is less expensive at $500, Wallbox’s charger could prove a compelling option for families who have multiple different models of EVs, or those who might switch to another brand in the future.

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