Tesla’s $500 ‘Radio Upgrade’ restores FM and Sirius XM access

Earlier this year, Tesla started offering owners of older Model S and Model X vehicles the option to upgrade their infotainment systems for $2,500. Purchasing it gives them access to features found in the newer version of the system, including YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and Twitch streaming via Tesla Theater, as well as Tesla Arcade’s games. While it won’t affect users’ access to internet radio and music streaming, it removes their access to AM, FM and Sirius XM radio. As Electrek reports, though, the automaker will give customers the option to get their radio back — for an additional $500, that is.

In its upgrade page, Tesla said the new infotainment system “is not compatible with the original radio tuner that came equipped on” the older vehicles. Starting in the fourth quarter of 2020, the company will offer customers a $500 “Radio Upgrade” option to restore FM radio and Sirius XM radio on their vehicles if they had previously bought the $2,500 infotainment upgrade. Tesla will install a compatible radio tuner and antennas on their EVs to make that happen. The company says, however, that it’ll be impossible to restore their access to AM radio.

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