Spotify Kids’ latest feature is parent-curated shared playlists

Spotify debuted its standalone Kids app for all Premium Family users nearly a year ago. At the time, the company committed to high privacy standards, and it followed up quickly by letting parents block content and view listening history in May. Today, the streaming service is adding a bit of fun everyone: shared playlists.

Inside the PIN-protected settings of the Spotify Kids app, parents can choose which of their playlists they want to share with their kids. All playlists have to be created by a parent. Of course, Spotify recommends adults review the contents of any collection for inappropriate content, like explicit tracks marked “E,” before making any mixes available to their children. If you remove a song from a playlist in the main Spotify app, the action will sync in Spotify Kids. Ditto for any additions or other updates. A pop-up will ask parents to confirm they want to share a playlist the first time they do so. And at any time, parents can access the Spotify Kids settings to revoke a shared playlist.

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