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Sony’s finally ready to more of what it’s working on for for this holiday season and beyond. The company will hold a PlayStation Showcase on September 9th.

The presentation, which will run for 40 minutes or so, will feature games from PlayStation Studios as well as other developers. After the main stream, there will be more info from some of the studios that are part of the showcase.

One thing you shouldn’t expect during the event is any news about the next PS VR headset, which won’t arrive . However, that leaves a lot of cards on the table. Perhaps we’ll get a proper look at the learn more details about the PS5 (and Xbox Series X/S) version of Grand Theft Auto V and maybe even hear about whatever’s next for Naughty Dog. Sony might also reveal when the PS5 software update it’s beta testing (which unlocks the SSD expansion slot and has some user interface changes) will roll out to everyone.

In any case, we won’t have to wait too long to find out. The showcase starts at 4PM ET next Thursday. You can watch it on the PlayStation and channels, and Engadget will have coverage of all the biggest news that spills out of the stream.

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