Sony is still selling lots of games ahead of the PS5’s launch

Sony continues to weather the financial storm caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. In its latest quarterly earnings, the Japanese behemoth posted revenue of 2.1 trillion yen (roughly $20.2 billion), which is essentially flat on the same quarter last year. (If you want to get specific, the company made 8.8 billion yen, or $84.1 million less.) Operating income, however, rose to $317.8 million yen (roughly $3 million), which is up 38.8 million yen (roughly $372,000) year-over-year.

As always, the bulk of that money came from PlayStation. The division made 506.6 billion yen (roughly $4.9 billion) in revenue, which was down on the previous quarter but 52.2 billion yen (roughly $501,000) higher than a year ago. That led to $105 billion (roughly $1 billion) in gaming-related operating income, which again, is worse than the last three months, but considerably higher than the same quarter last year. The drop-off from the previous quarter isn’t too surprising. People were desperate for entertainment at the start of the pandemic, when lockdown restrictions were at their tightest. It’s no surprise, therefore, to see a bit of a dip as those limitations are slowly eased and people venture outside a little more.

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