Save up to 56 percent on these DIY kits perfect for children

MSRP: $99 | Discount: 44% | Sale price: $55

Help your child develop STEM skills with this enjoyable way to learn computer programming. This kit, suitable for boys and girls ages nine to 12, includes all the essentials for grasping the fundamentals of coding and developing basic programming skills. It comes with a servo motor, an ultrasonic sensor, an Arduino module, jumper cables, a buzzer, a USB data cable and a manual. With these materials, as well as sample projects to jumpstart learning, your kiddos will discover the coding process and start having fun while building new skills quickly.

2. DIY Robotic Curiosity Kit for Ages 7 to 10


MSRP: $119 | Discount: 41% | Sale price: $70

Empower your children to explore the essentials of robotic technologies with this DIY kit. This kit, which comes with a sound sensor, buzzer, wire, latch and proximity sensor, gives children ages seven to 10 everything needed to get a headstart on robotic technologies. The Curiosity Kit comes with 15 projects that kids can complete, all with the included manual’s guidance, to start building robotics and playing in no time at all. Just as cool, the modules in this kit are LEGO-compatible. So, if your child already has LEGOs, this kit also is a great way of extending the shelf-life of those colorful plastic blocks.

3. DIY Robotic Art Kit for Ages 5 to 8


MSRP: $69 | Discount: 56% | Sale price: $30

Give your child between the ages of five and eight a jumpstart on the fundamentals of STEAM with this Robotic Art Kit. This kit, which includes a power module, a slide dimmer, a fan and many craft materials (such as washable pens, paints, etc.), is a fun and engaging way for children to explore art, science and robotic technologies from home. This kit comes with a helpful manual that guides your kids through several different projects, from creating spinning-disc art to constructing a mini vacuum cleaner to pick up any misplaced paint.

4. DIY Autonomous Vehicle Kit for Ages 8 to 13


MSRP: $249 | Discount: 5% | Sale price: $235

This kit, perfect for children a bit older (ages eight to 13), is a fantastic way to cultivate imagination and problem-solving skills. It’s a perfect DIY kit for those who have taken an interest in cars from a young age since it guides your child through the process of assembling every part of the toy car. Just as cool, this DIY toy vehicle comes with artificial intelligence. In other words, you can introduce your child to the technology that will revolutionize the dynamics of transportation through this hands-on project.

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