Porsche Taycan GTS Hockenheimring Edition Is Very, Very Beige

Porsche’s first special edition based on the electric Taycan sedan commemorates the 90th birthday of Germany’s Hockenheimring racetrack, which has hosted everything from Formula 1 and DTM to rallycross and even NASCAR. While this Taycan doesn’t get any race-ready mods like a big rear wing, it is extraordinarily beige.

The Hockenheimring Edition is based on the Taycan GTS, and it wears the fabulous creamy shade of Stone Grey, one of the heritage colors available through Porsche’s Paint to Sample program. The 21-inch Mission E Design wheels are finished in a darker satin Bronzite color, while the wheel rims are glossy Stone Grey. Bronzite also covers parts like the side skirts, rear diffuser and Taycan badging, and it’s so much interesting than just the standard black finish.

The Bronzite accents look awesome.


Sadly the interior is upholstered in black leather, though it does get cool Island Green stitching and Paldao wood trim. Bronzite accents are found all over, from the steering wheel and cupholder rims to the air vent slats and gear selector. The steering wheel has an Island Green marking at the top, and the floor mats also get Island Green trim. A special logo featuring the racetrack’s layout is embossed on the center armrest and painted onto the key, and it’s also found on the illuminated door sills, the exterior pillar badging and even as the door projector lights.

The Taycan GTS Hockenheimring Edition will only be sold in Germany and a few other European countries, and customers get some cool perks. Porsche opened up an Experience Center at the track in 2019, and the special edition’s unique key allows immediate access to the center. The car also comes with two years of free charging at the PEC and preferential parking at PEC’s monthly car shows. Porsche hasn’t said how many Hockenheimring Editions it will build or how much they will cost.

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