Lego’s Baby Yoda set is ready just in time for more ‘Mandalorian’

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Disney has a big (yet little) star with Baby Yoda and with Friday’s release of the The Mandalorian season two, be prepared to see new memes of the cute character across social media. Fans of the show have yet another piece of Baby Yoda merch they can collect and it’s one that will probably be enticing to kids and parents alike. Lego’s $80 The Child set is available for pre-order right now (it officially launches on Friday) and it lets you build a version of Baby Yoda from the ground up. If you choose to do so while you binge-watch the new season on Disney+, that’s up to you.

Like most Baby Yoda toys, Lego’s set is simple but adorable. The Child set is no where near as complicated as some other Star Wars sets, but it does include just over 1,000 bricks with which you build a roughly 7.5-inch high Baby Yoda replica. Lego lists the set as appropriate for kids age 10 and up, and while 1,000 bricks isn’t necessarily a ton in terms of Lego sets, it might be a good idea to make building Baby Yoda a family activity if you have young children.

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