Facebook could slow down sharing

Facebook is reportedly worried about the potential for violence and wants users to “cool down.” Separately, BuzzFeed News reported that an internal metric Facebook uses to track potential for violence had sharply risen over the last day. According to the report, it “indicates that the company’s own internal metrics have found Facebook posts are contributing to an unstable situation around the counting of ballots in the US presidential election as President Donald Trump and his supporters attempt to inject unfounded doubts into the process.”

There are other signs that Facebook may be more attuned to activity on its platform spilling over into potentially violent circumstances. Earlier in the day, the company shut down a group with hundreds of thousands of members due to “worrying calls for violence.” Facebook said the move was “in line with the exceptional measures that we are taking during this period of heightened tension.”

Prior to the election, Facebook officials confirmed there were policies in place should there be violence following the election. Nick Clegg, the company’s head of global affairs, said Facebook might consider “pretty exceptional measures to significantly restrict the circulation of content on our platform.”

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