Facebook and Google indefinitely extend their ban on political ads

Although the race has been called in favor of President-elect Joe Biden, President Donald Trump (who has yet to concede) and his allies are continuing to dispute the results. They have made allegations of voter fraud, but have yet to provide any evidence of that.

Misinformation has continued to spread on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google-owned YouTube in the aftermath of the election. Biden’s team has criticized Facebook in particular for failing to slow the conspiracy-fueled “Stop the Steal” movement or to suppress calls for violence, according to the FT. Bill Russo, his head of press, this week claimed Facebook was “shredding the fabric of our democracy.” 

The company has taken at least some action to counter false election claims. Facebook has removed some “Stop The Steal” pages and groups. It has also tried to stem the flow of misinformation in certain groups.

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