‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ gets support for private matches

The patch also has some good news for players who are looking to reduce some of the storage space Warzone vacuums up. PC players will have access to a texture streaming feature, which will download high-resolution textures for Operators and Weapons. The option will only be available for players who set the game’s texture resolution to High, but it should help with patch sizes and how much storage room Warzone takes up. You’ll be able to set daily limits on texture streaming as well as the size of the cache.

Warzone console players, meanwhile, will have some choice over the texture resolutions for Operators and Weapons. The latest patch has reduced the resolutions a bit. You can download a high-res texture pack if you prefer, but that isn’t recommended for the base PS4 or Xbox One. The patch also includes bug fixes and updates to the Modern Warfare and Warzone playlists.

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