Cakewalk3D lets your regular 3D printer decorate food

Sample food materials include chocolate, meringue, vegetable puree, ketchup, guacamole and honey — anything with the correct viscosity. Digital Patisserie, the company behind the product, supplies recipes and settings, and you’ll receive a tested food mix so you can get a feel for the system and materials required. Some of the designs shown on the site include graphics, text, characters and even photo-style prints.

The company notes that unlike other paste extruders for 3D printers, its parts are food-safe, and the kit is open source if you want to make them yourself. You can buy it as a ready-to-go kit, or save money by using your 3D printer to make a few parts yourself. As for pricing, the maker kit starts at $59, the standard kit requiring two 3D-printed parts is $89, and the full kit, with everything ready to install, is $129. Delivery is ambitiously set for December 2020, but as usual with crowdfunded projects, beware that you may pay your money and never receive the product.

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