7-time ‘Tetris’ world champ Jonas Neubauer passes away

In his interview with Vice, Neubauer compared his playing style to a jazz pianist in that it could be pretty chaotic and that he always improvised instead of sticking to a plan. Aside from participating in the Classic Tetris World Championship, Neubauer has also been streaming on Twitch under the handle NubbinsGoody in the past few years. While he obviously streamed a lot of Tetris games, he also did videos featuring other games like Last of Us 2 and even Dungeons and Dragons.

The Classic Tetris World Championship’s website has posted a statement remembering Neubauer as a person and as a legend in the community. It includes a clip of his last match at the 2020 tournament, wherein he played against Jacob “Huffulufugus” Huff.

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