Ole Miss QB Matt Corral barrels over official on touchdown run

No one was going to stand in Ole Miss quarterback Matt Corral’s way on a fourth-down touchdown run against LSU. No Tigers player, that is.

There was an official between Corral and a clear end zone, though, and Corral ran right through him. Corral completed the 2-yard touchdown run, but he bloodied the official’s face in the process. 

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Ole Miss called a play-action naked bootleg for Corral on fourth-and-goal, and it fooled LSU. It also fooled the official positioned on the goal line, and he started to jog up the line to see whether the running back, who he thought had the ball, had crossed. Instead, Corral was coming in hot.

It’s not obvious whether Corral saw the official, although he couldn’t really cut toward the center of the field, where a pursuing LSU defender awaited. The timing of the collision couldn’t have been worse, as it appeared Corral’s helmet smashed directly into the official’s face.

Corral’s TD run put the Rebels up 48-40 midway through the fourth quarter. While both teams entered the game with four wins on the season, the contest’s outcome would determine whether Ole Miss would finish above .500 or if the Tigers could at least get to .500.

The story of Corral’s Saturday evening was rushing the football; the TD run pushed him past 135 yards on the ground. The sophomore had also thrown three touchdowns and five interceptions by the time he flattened the official.

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