Noah Syndergaard fires up Twitter beef with Trevor Bauer

Noah Syndergaard decided Friday to troll Trevor Bauer on Twitter over Bauer signing with the Dodgers as a free agent after it was reported he had agreed to join Syndergaard with the Mets.

And because Bauer was the guy being trolled, things quickly escalated into a Twitter beef that eventually included Bauer’s agent.

Syndergaard initiated by quote tweeting an image of himself laughing with teammate Robert Gsellman at spring training and making an “Insert punch line here”-type reply to tweak Bauer.

Bauer came back by referencing his apology to Mets fans after joining the Dodgers — and also adding a reference to Thor’s continuing rehab from Tommy John surgery. 

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But Bauer being Bauer, he decided to press on. It took him about 10 minutes to dig up an unflattering exchange between Syndergaard and a social media user.

While that was happening, Bauer’s agent Rachel Luba, who ran point on negotiations for Bauer’s three-year, $102 million pact with LA, entered the chat:

Also, did we say “Dig?”

From there, the exchange quickly got tired, to the point of exhaustion. Bauer offered a sophomoric retort to the “dig” dig, Syndergaard came back with a drone reference (see: 2016 ALCS between Cleveland and Toronto), and then Bauer had the last word.

It’ll be tough for Bauer to become a more hated Dodger in Mets fans’ eyes than Chase Utley, but if anyone can do it, then he can. And, well, Syndergaard is expected to be back on the mound before New York and LA meet at Citi Field in mid-August.

Maybe Syndergaard’s aim will be better this time around. It’ll be sweaty in New York for midsummer, but he’ll have had six years to figure out how to get a grip. 

We hear that pine tar helps with that.

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