NFL fans are upset over a screaming Broncos fan who does not exist

NFL fans are going crazy over a Broncos fan who has been heard screaming during NFL Network’s broadcast of Denver’s game Saturday against the Bills. The strange thing about that is the fact this fan does not exist.

Denver is one of many NFL teams not allowing fans in their stadiums. To counteract the lack of noise from crowdless buildings, networks have been pumping fake crowd noise into their broadcasts. But NFL Network took things a little too far in the Broncos-Bills telecast with a man who has enormous lung capacity.

Below is a sampling of this screaming fan.

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As you can hear, this fan is simply screaming at the top of their lungs for about 30 seconds. In the clip shown, nothing is even happening during the game. It’s just a fan losing their mind over absolutely nothing.

This wasn’t a one-time thing, either.

The fan could be heard doing the same 30-second yell several times during the game.

It didn’t take long before viewers started to notice, and get annoyed.

We really hope this screaming fan does not persist in future NFL Network broadcasts.

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