Did Tom Brady actually get a Bruce Arians tattoo?

Tom Brady with a tattooed Bruce? Not quite.

Less than 24 hours after Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians revealed his tattoo of a Super Bowl 55 logo, Tom Brady took to Twitter to share one of his own, with the Bucs quarterback posting an image of a (fake) tattoo of Arians on his leg.

“Looks great coach…I decided to get one too,” Brady’s tweet reads, with an image of an Arians tattoo on his leg. Of course, Team Brady shared an image of the quarterback working out, because of course.

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It’s worth noting that this is a decent Photoshop job by Team Tom’s social squad, but, no, Brady did not actually get a tattoo of Bruce Arians. Maybe he’ll get an Arians tat if they go back-to-back in the Bay.

The tattoo features an image of Arians holding up a beer from Tampa Bay’s wild celebratory boat parade after the Super Bowl 55 victory — the one where Brady was blitzed and tossed the Lombardi trophy from one boat to another. 

Somewhat surprisingly, Brady didn’t end up with a tattoo after having a bit too much avocado tequila.

But, again, no, this isn’t a real tattoo. Brady’s body is a temple, anyway — why would he deface it with graffiti? 

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