Did Bill Belichick shake his head at a Mac Jones pro day overthrow? SN investigates

Bill Belichick: SMH.

While Belichick likely isn’t in on the newest lingo because he’s not on SnapFace or InstaChat or whatever it is the youths are doing, shaking his head is exactly what he was doing after a Mac Jones overthrow during Alabama’s pro day on Tuesday.

Cameras cut to Belichick with a dad-like disapproval after the Jones overthrow, leading to some believing that Belichick was disappointed with the Jones miss.

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While there’s no telling exactly what Belichick was reacting to, it looks as though Pats offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels was in conversation with Belichick just as the throw was happening, so expect that Belichick was shaking his head at whatever McDaniels was saying.

There’s also the possibility that Belichick was shaking his head in disbelief, as if to say: “Damn, this kid’s arm is stronger than I thought.”

Maybe they were just discussing where they wanted to eat after the day was done.

What’s the truth? We may never know. But we’ll close the investigation at: No, Bill Belichick was not shaking his head at Mac Jones’ overthrow.

In all, Jones had a solid pro day, if that’s the kind of thing that gets you going. With the Patriots reportedly looking for a quarterback of the future in the draft, some pegged Jones as a Patriots-type quarterback, but his stock has supposedly skyrocketed in recent weeks, with some NFL analysts expecting the ‘Bama passer to go within the top 10 of the 2021 NFL Draft.

There’s still some time for Belichick and Co. to evaluate this year’s crop of passers, with the draft scheduled to start on April 29. There are as many as five quarterbacks who could go in the top 10, and the Patriots, sitting at No. 15 in the draft, would have to trade up to secure one of those guys.

And if Jones is selected in the top 10, expect lots of other heads to be shaking on draft night.

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