WATCH: Jeff Charles Debates Left-Wing Activist On Black Lives Matter Receiving Nobel Peace Prize Nomination

You may have already heard the latest in a long series of reasons to not take the Nobel Peace Prize seriously. The Black Lives Matter movement has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

My colleague, Nick Arama reported that the movement was “just nominated by Norwegian MP Petter Eide, who has represented the Socialist Left Party.”

As you might imagine, the news received nothing but the most enthusiastic of plaudits from the left. But it has garnered criticism from the right.

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of debating activist Anthony Rogers-Wright during an appearance on RT International.

Like many on the left, Rogers-Wright believed that the nomination was warranted because of the global conversation it supposedly started about oppression taking place around the world. He argued that the movement deserves the prize because it drew attention to those who are suffering under tyranny.

Of course, what he – and most others on the left – fail to mention is the fact that 25 people died during the riots that took place in the summer of last year, not to mention the wanton property damage that took place. It was my contention that a movement should not receive such a prize when it has so much blood on its hands and has resulted in the destruction of black businesses and livelihoods.

We did find some common ground by the end of the debate. One thing we both agreed on is the fact that none of these issues can be solved if Americans can’t find areas where they can work together despite disagreements.

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