The New Monetary Regime – Debt and The Inflation Crisis: A Special Panel Presented by The Liberty Fund and The RealClear Foundation

On this edition of The RealClearPolitics Takeaway: a panel sponsored by the RealClear Foundation and the Liberty Fund on America’s growing government debt and the risk of inflation that goes with it. The topic is on the minds of many, as we see what may be early signs of inflation resulting from the injection of so much stimulus money into the economy. Of course, government debt has been growing for some time, and the question is whether and when the bill comes due. We hear first from Richard M. Reinsch, editor of Law & Liberty’s online journal, and then from David DesRosiers, president of the RealClear Foundation and publisher of RealClearPolitics. The roundtable is moderated by Alex J. Pollock of the R Street Institute, and the panelists included Law & Liberty senior writer David P. Goldman of the Claremont Institute, Veronique de Rugy of the Mercatus Center, and Christopher DeMuth of the Hudson Institute.

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