Shameful Schumer Goes There, Rips Storm-Torn Texas: They ‘Ignored Climate Change, I Hope They Learned a Lesson’

There are places honorable people don’t go. Lows to which they don’t stoop. Careless, hateful things they don’t say. Integrity and decency keep them from doing so. On Sunday in New York, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer went there. Over “climate change.”

I was shocked when I read Schumer’s comments, but I was far from surprised, which speaks volumes about partisan hacks like Schumer and nothing about decent people, other than the disgust we feel — for people like Chuck Schumer.

During a Sunday press conference in New York, Schumer lashed out at storm-ravaged Texas. Let’s first put it in perspective. In the last update I saw, earlier today, the numbers stood at 69 dead, 44 hours of below-freezing temperatures, and $18 billion in damages. Add in no power and no water. Undoubtedly an event that an untold number of Texans will remember for the rest of their lives.

And what did Schumer have to say about it?

“The bottom line is, Texas thought it could go it alone and built a system that ignored climate change. It was not what’s called resilient, and now Texas is paying the price. I hope they learned a lesson.”

Did that have “unity” and “a time to heal” written all over it or what?

Schumer continued his comments, including patting himself on the back, but nothing mattered — in my mind, at least — after “I hope they learned their lesson.”

Guys like Schumer have a knack for making things about themselves. He didn’t disappoint.

“When we build power, when we build anything now, we have to take into account that climate change is real, or people will have to be caught the way the people in Texas were.”

When I wrote the [Hurricane] Sandy bill, $60 billion for New York, we made sure everything was resilient. When they built back the subways, built back this, built back that, they were going to be resistant to climate changes, and we have to do that.”

Can I get an “Atta boy!” for Chucky? Anyone?

Say, Chuck; I’m wondering. Do you also hope your governor learned his lesson? Have you made any public statements about Andrew Cuomo’s lies and continuing cover-up? Or, out of deference to New Yorkers who lost loved ones — more than 15,000 loved ones, Chuck — because of Cuomo’s directive, have you kept your mouth shut? Then again, you’ve probably kept your mouth shut for entirely different reasons.

In the event that an honest reporter gets within earshot of Schumer and calls him out for his comments, he’ll do what people like him always do. Maybe he already has. “I was taken out of context.” “That wasn’t the point I was making.” “Okay, fine, now that I’ve thought about it, I didn’t do a very good job in choice of words.”

The truth about people like Chuck Schumer is they’re never sorry. Sorry they got caught or called out, sure. But not for what they said. Or the people they hurt. Just part of the game. Politics is a rough game. Except for people like Chuck Schumer, it’s a blood sport.

For a closer look at the storm, check out We Had a Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week in Texas, written by my RedState colleague and Texan, Jeff Charles.

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