Reporter: ‘Biological Males’ is a ‘Serious Anti-Trans Slur’

Language has always evolved, but perhaps not as much as within the last five years.

The best I can tell, culture is racing ahead of our words, and the world is struggling to catch up.

Apropos, on Wednesday, a reporter brought news of an utterance upgrade.

Kate Sosin — a journalist for The 19th — schooled social media:

“It’s totally okay to have debate and disagree, but folks in media, the term ‘biological males’ is a serious anti-trans slur.”

It’s an interesting time for words denoting sex. From the birth of the English language, “male” sufficed. Then our new era ushered in “biological male,” contrasted against male gender identity.

Now it seems the “biological” part may be destined to go the way of the dodo.

Kate added, “You should not use it without noting that.”

In response to Kate’s post, “Nick Gorton, MD” seconded the motion:

“Especially as there is an accurate & acceptable option for those infrequent times when you have to describe for example the group that includes people born with a uterus: those assigned female at birth. Plus AFAB (&AMAB) are used in *both* the literature & trans community.”

AFAB = Assigned Female at Birth
AMAB = Assigned Male at Birth

Some disagreed:

“No. Biological males have different biological makeup than male person w/ hormones to create the appearance of female. I’m sorry but that’s the truth- you cannot carve a banana shape into an apple and call it a banana- it’s not a banana it’s an apple made to appear as a banana.”

“We used to just say “males”, and it was perfectly clear what was meant. Then we tried to get along with you, so we started saying “biological males” when that’s what we meant. But people like you are never satisfied. The problem isn’t in language, it’s in you.”

Others, not so much:

“It is not a scientific term and it was popularized by transphobes in order to coercively reject our existence.”

 “Not all trans women have penises, so it’s not accurate at all. AMAB if you must, but “woman” or “transwoman” is better.”

Like most exchanges on social media (or most modern exchanges in general?), it continued as an endless argument:

One comment made me wanna throw up:

We’re in a very new place in terms of the words we use.

As I covered last month, two hospitals in the UK are trying to get things right.

In the prenatal units of Sussex and Brighton University Hospitals NHS Trust, staff were told to eliminate words such as “breastfeeding.”


  • “breast/chest milk”
  • “human milk”
  • “milk from the feeding mother or parent”

Back to “biological male,” Kate — who identifies on Twitter as a “proud trans person” — may wanna check out a possible solution to all of this.

Last year, I discovered a contemporary language guide recommending those born with penises who identify as males be called “non-transgender males.”


For more on the subject of sex, trust the science from Forbes:

And try to keep up — in a slur-free way.



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