Northwestern University Celebrates Black History Month – and ‘Black Sexual Liberation’

At Northwestern University, they’ve got a very interesting way of celebrating Black History Month.

For those of you psyched to commemorate the roles black people have played in American and world history, you may wanna jump in on the upcoming “unBound: Black Sexual Liberation.”

Per Planitpurple.Northwestern.edu, the February 19th happening is an interactive “BDSM FUNdamentals” workshop.

And here’s a bonus: The class on how bondage and polygamy can be employed to score said liberation will be taught by a “two spirit Black and Indigenous facilitator and healer.”

That’s right — participants will learn from “Vee AKA: Electr0papi (They/She),” who’s reportedly “an electro play and fire play enthusiast as well as a rope suspension top.”

The Washington Free Beacon notes that “students and faculty who choose to participate in the virtual seminar ‘will be introduced to the ways that the body can harness BDSM play/Kink as a tool of reclamation,’ according to the university announcement.”

Ohhhh, yeah.

Are you ready to be set free with Vee?

Here’s more, for the Do-It-Yourselfers among you:

Vee is an online sex instructor whose other courses include Electro Play 101, where students learn how to use electricity for stimulation. In another one of Vee’s classes, “Tied & Satisfied,” students learn the fundamentals of rope play. Participants are asked to “BYOR,” or “bring your own rope.”

For more information on #BDSMFundamentals, here’s news you can use from the Twitter thread of “Mistress Kye™ ~ @eXXXotica Dungeon Educator”:

  • Not all ‘Littles’ want kinky [fun time]. In fact, many, if not most, do NOT want [fun time] when in a ‘little’ space. If you’re a ‘Daddy’ please make a hard note of this. It’s significantly more important than many of you realize.
  • When you choose to engage in any type of kinky play w/ someone and you agree to lead that play…you are ALSO agreeing to the responsibility of their best interest & well-being. This includes ‘aftercare.’ Period.
  • For BDSM and Kink lifestyle is exactly THIS. Being collared, or “owned” is like kink marriage. It is a ritual of commitment of the highest level.

Of course, not all the Black History Month goings-on will be so arresting as fun time with Electr0papi.

There’s also Northwestern Saturday morning’s “Emerging Voices in Black History” and Sunday’s “Solidari-Tea: Reimagining Black-Asian Feminist Solidarity.”

If you’re looking for something with a little more gusto, check out the February 23rd “Love+Liberation Ball.”

From the school’s official calendar listing:

The Love+Liberation Ball is a celebration of Black life, love, and liberation that will center a conversation on the psycho-spiritual wellbeing of Black people. We are inviting attendees to get dressed up (perhaps with an Afrofuturistic flair), and enjoy this gathering with good people, vibes, and music. There will be prizes for best dressed, and other surprises for engagement. This event is intended for Northwestern students.

Any way you slice it — or tie it up, or collar it — February’s a fun time for the folks at Evanston, Illinois’s premier private research university.



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