Morse: The Left Politicized and Racialized the Boulder Shooting, Now Its Racism Is Exposed

The left’s racism and bigotry are, once again, on full display as the Boulder, Colorado shooter’s identity wasn’t what many on the left had predicted. The thing is, they shouldn’t be making these predictions in the first place, but one thing is for sure, the left’s racism and bigotry is on full display. 

I make this clear in the video, but I also want to say it here. I hate having to do videos like this so close to an atrocity. The fact that the left immediately jumps into utilizing a tragedy for their own political or narrative gains is horrible, but the fact that they do that forces people they’re attacking to mount a defense. This video is not only a defense of those the left attacked but a condemnation of the left’s politicization of everything and their blatant racism.

In this video, I go into what the left wanted the identity of the shooter to be, who it really was, and why the left’s finger-pointing is so dangerous.

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