Lou Dobbs Condemns ‘Petty,’ ‘Vindictive,’ ‘Jealous’ Republicans Who’ve Turned on Trump


Are some Republican Big Wigs jealous of Donald Trump?

As reported by The Daily Caller, Fox Business Big Wig Lou Dobbs doesn’t doubt it.

In fact, that was his assertion Friday.

During an interview with former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Lou put the hurtin’ on members of the GOP who received The Donald’s endorsement during Election 2020 but are now pulling support for the erstwhile Leader of the Free World.

Such turncoatin’ titans include RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and Senate Majority Leader Mtch McConnell.

Both have appeared to distance themselves from #45 following January 6th’s chaos at the Capitol.

The way Lou sees it, the Elephant Party is due for a “new generation of leaders” who will further Trump’s “America Frist” agenda.

Guest Mark agreed on the previous POTUS’s importance:

“I’ve never seen an endorsement matter so much as President Trump’s endorsement.”

Lou ripped congressional unappreciative Republicans who’ve appeared to cold-shoulder New York’s most eccentric billionaire as of late:

“I’ve never seen a president whose endorsement mattered more in terms of results, nor have I seen more recipients of such an endorsement be less grateful…”

Of course, not everyone at the Capitol’s cut ties.

On Thursday, House MInority Leader Kevin McCarthy met with Mr. Mar-a-Lago himself in the Sunshine State.

The reason: A discussion of Trump endorsing 2022 candidates.

The View’s Ana Navarro was none too impressed with Kevin’s “pilgrimage.” She likened the meet-up to a slave going before his master.

But apparently, they’re not all in bondage: The Daily Caller notes that “House Democrats and 10 Republicans voted to impeach Trump for the second time on Jan. 13 for one article of ‘incitement of insurrection.’”

Meanwhile, sports journalist Jason Whitlock told Tucker Carlson it’s the Democrats who are insurrectionists — they’re using talk of white supremacy to distract us while they undo Christianity and usher in Marxism (see more here).

Back to Lou, he things a lot of Republicans are losers.

Hence, the news man — who’s seen a lot in his 40-year television career — is calling out absurdity, malice, and…envy:

“[They’ve been] peevish, petty and vindictive against a man they obviously are jealous of and who they fear mightily for his influence among the base, some 75 million people. It’s pitiful to watch what happens to Mitch McConnell’s face when he hears the name ‘Trump.’”




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