Kamala Harris: It’s Up To DOJ, Not Biden, Whether Trump Gets Indicted

Although President Donald Trump could face legal trouble once he’s out of office, Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris insists any indictments won’t be at the order of Joe Biden, should he become president.

The California senator told the hosts of “The View” on Monday that, if elected, she and Biden plan to give the attorneys at the Department of Justice the independence to pursue legal cases that has been missing during the Trump administration.

Harris has said that if she were president, she would have no choice but to pursue criminal charges against Trump for obstruction of justice. But she also told the panel that she would defer to Biden on this matter.

Harris also promised that a Biden administration would not use the DOJ to go after opponents willy-nilly.

“We will not have a Department of Justice that conducts itself as the personal lawyer of the president, such as the way that Donald Trump has done,” she said. “And whoever leads the Department of Justice if we win is someone who will be independent.”

You can watch her exchange below.

Harris also told the hosts on the show that while the polls suggest a win for Biden on Nov. 3, she and the presidential nominee are “not measuring for drapes” just yet.

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