‘Investigate Chicom Global Lockdown Fraud!’ Demand Lawyers, Retired Brig. Gen. in Open Letter to FBI Exposing Virus Lies

A group of distinguished citizens from around the world that includes U.S. attorneys, Michael Senger and Stacy Rudin as well as retired Brigadier General Robert Spaulding released an open letter to the FBI last week calling for an investigation into what they’ve termed “China’s Global Lockdown Fraud.”

According to the group, the idea that locking down does anything whatsoever to control the spread of a virus is nothing more than pseudo-scientific snake oil invented and pushed on gullible or complicit Western officials by China’s Communist Party leaders to get us to destroy ourselves.

Far from trying to help the rest of the world by insisting we had to lockdown in response to COVID-19, the signatories claim the heretofore unheard-of idea of quarantining healthy people was, in reality, part of a Chicom military attack using what two of China’s top military strategists have described as a “new concept of weapon” that can be as insubstantial as a rumor on the internet to get America and other Western nations to voluntarily self-destruct without firing a shot.

And you know what? Senger and his distinguished co-signatories are absolutely right.

Back in September, I reported on how the media’s repeated suggestions that the CCP tried to “cover up” COVID-19 is—as CCP flunky, Joe Biden would say—a load of malarkey.

The Chicoms were hyping the outbreak before there could have been any possible reason for concern way back on January 1 of last year Moreover, they did so in the Chinese Communist Party’s official ENGLISH language news outlet.

On New Year’s Day 2020, the People’s Daily ran a story about 27 cases of viral pneumonia in Wuhan that couldn’t been a more obvious attempt to start a panic. It even alerts the English speaking world of “internet rumors” that those few dozen cases portended the outbreak of a deadly new pathogen which no English speakers would have known anything about had the Chicoms not told us and, indeed, which there doesn’t appear to be a shred of evidence ever existed.

Four days later, the Chicom’s were so NOT trying hard to “cover up” COVID that they even reported that there were now 47 cases of viral pneumonia to the World Health Organization.

Even W.H.O. couldn’t help but note the obvious fact that “the symptoms reported among the patients are common to several respiratory diseases, and pneumonia is common in the winter season.” Less than 50 cases of viral pneumonia at the height of flu season in a city with 19 million residents simply shouldn’t have been anything to raise a fuss about.

Yet raising a fuss is exactly what the Chicoms did two days before we’re supposed to believe they silenced alleged “whistleblower” Li Wenliang for posting about the outbreak on social media on January 3.

As a matter of fact, the first time the world ever even heard about Li Wenliang was on January 27, 2020 a month AFTER he allegedly made those social media posts—screenshots of which we’re supposed to believe immediately went viral—when an alleged interview with the hero ophthalmologist was published in… wait for it… one of the Chinese Communist Party’s oldest official media outlets, Beijing Youth Daily.

And, I’ve got news for you. Image searches for the screenshot of Wenliang’s famous post “blowing the whistle” on COVID-19 using Google, Yandex, and Tineye turn up ABSOLUTELY NOTHING before January 27, a month AFTER we’re supposed to believe it went viral but, coincidentally, the very same day Chinese Communist rag, Beijing Youth Daily, first alerted the world to Wenliang’s supposed existence.

The venerable Chinese Communist house organ’s alleged exposé of party malfeasance featured an interview with the soon-to-be-famous Wenliang in which the story of his social media posts and subsequent reprimand by Chinese officials got told for the very first time.

The tragic tale of how Wenliang contracted COVID-19 himself a couple weeks after inviting the CCP’s wrath by trying to alert the world to its deadly scourge, only to succumb to the fatal disease himself on February 7— just 10 days after the first time anyone had ever heard his bloody name—was always a little too made-for-TV to be believed.

Just like that video of a COVID-19 training drill the CCP released which, almost unbelievably, our compromised Western media presented as if it were the real thing. Apart from the butterfly net employed to catch the non-mask-compliant perpetrator (not kidding) and all the other little touches straight out of a Benny Hill skit, notice the Chinese cops are wearing vests with the English word “SWAT” on them and their vehicles, likewise, say “Police” in English.

But, apart from how Wenliang’s story perfectly served to help increase Western hysteria over COVID-19 and hide the fact that, in reality, there was nothing at all to be hysterical about, what are the odds that the Chicoms would be so sloppy as to let Wenliang do a very long interview over China’s internet—which the CCP fully controls—from his hospital bed as he was dying from COVID?

For that matter, do you really believe that an official Communist Party media outlet would even conduct—let alone publish!—a story exposing something the party was desperately trying to coverup?

And how likely do you think it is that, when the CCP discovered one of their official news outlets had actually done just that, they’d send a note politely telling them to delete it (rather than shutting the whole newspaper down and throwing everyone involved into a concentration camp) which would then get leaked to an allegedly anti-Chicom U.S. website so Wenliang’s interviewed could—in a devilishly bad stroke of luck for them—be archived before it was removed?

What are the chances that Wenliang could even type up what translates into a 1200 word English response with long and detailed answers to questions pictured below while hooked up to a breathing tube, as the Beijing Youth Daily’s story alleges?

Finally, if Wenliang really was at death’s door and hooked up to a breathing tube, how come the ubiquitous photo of him used in Western media stories shows a guy who looks like he’s in perfect health wearing a totally non-intrusive breathing mask instead that can be put on and taken off in seconds?

The once-distinguished now-apparently-Chicom-compromised medical journal, Lancet, may have published a glowing obituary of Li Wenliang…

But it’s highly unlikely any such person ever existed. Li Wenliang’s scarcely believable tale was never anything more than a Chicom psyop designed to make us not notice that the existence of any Chicom-COVID-coverup is blatantly contradicted by the public record and that, instead, Xi Jinping and his communist cohorts were trying to panic us about COVID-19 even before there could have possibly been any reason to do so from the very beginning.

Though the letter to the FBI Senger, Brigadier General Spaulding, and their co-signatories sent to the FBI doesn’t discuss the CCP’s flagrant Li Wenliang hoax, it does cover most other key aspects of the Chicom COVID-19 hoax.

Senger has put together a gargantuan Twitter thread running through what’s in their letter for anyone who prefers to get the information in easily digestible bite-sized chunks instead of a rather long letter addressed to the FBI.

I’ll let you work you pour yourself a good stiff drink or a nice hot cup of coffee and pour through most of the shocking details yourself. But one thing that I’d be remiss for not noting that’s going to come as a huge surpise to a lot of people but, to be honest, really shouldn’t is that locking down in response to a pandemic, far from being the scientifically respectable strategy American’s have somehow formed the impression it is, is an unheard of practice, the underlying rationale for which was rejected by every single medical authority who’d opined on the issue up until the Chicoms cooked it up and sold it to an unsuspecting world.

Contrary to the opinion all the relentless Chicom-complicit-media gaslighting about locking down may have caused you to form, it appears that

[N]o scientist ever publicly supported imposing lockdowns until Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, personally authorized the “unprecedented lockdown of Wuhan and other cities beginning on Jan. 23.”

And, Senger and company’s letter to the FBI isn’t the only important development in the war to expose the Chicom’s COVID-19 hoax the media is making sure you hear absolutely nothing about.

Hotshot German and Californian trial, Reiner Fuellmich got suspicious about COVID early on and teamed up with some other big-league attorneys to study the issue. They discovered something that my readers knew about way back in September when I ran a column with the ugly details: namely, that the standard test for COVID-19 detects dead viral remains, not actual live virus, which could wind up in your spit in countless ways that have nothing to do with being infected and, indeed, that the standard tests for COVID-19 misdiagnose infection virtually 100 percent of the time!

As a matter of fact, up until 2020, mass testing was prohibited by both W.H.O. and the CDC precisely because the jaw-dropping unreliability of PCR testing means it’s bound to create a phony pandemic whether a real one exists or not.

Moreover, when W.H.O’s director-general Tedros and Anthony Fauci both started insisting our only hope was to institute a regime of  COVID-19 mass-testing in early March, both had to be fully aware that, not only were they breaking with past policies, they were also creating a phony pandemic. As Reiner Fuellmich says in his powerful video on what he rightly calls, “probably the greatest crime against humanity ever committed, the only pandemic we ever suffered was a fake testing pandemic, not a virus one.

Anyway, I’ve given readers who want to know the ugly truth about lockdowns a lot to chew over today. My recommendation is that you take a look at Reiner Fuellmich’s powerful video and then pour yourself a good stiff drink or a nice hot cup of coffee and start looking through Michael Senger’s Twitter thread. If you aren’t a regular reader of my column, you’re in for one hell of shock.





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