Insanity in Action? 55% of ‘Very Conservative’ Georgia Voters Say They’ll Skip Runoffs Because of ‘Rigged’ Process: Poll

Is it just me, or does anyone else think this craziness is counterintuitive as hell?

Again, maybe it is just me, but boycotting two runoff elections, the results of which will determine which party controls the U.S. Senate is tantamount to stubbornly picking up your marbles and stomping home — refusing to play another game because you think you were cheated in the previous game, so you’re gonna “show them.”

If you’re among these folks, what are you going to show to whom?

While you’re “showing them,” you’re also showing conservatives that you’re perfectly willing to abandon logic, common sense, and the good of the Republican Party and its control of the upper chamber of Congress.

Good job, kids — you should be very “proud” of yourselves.

So how bad will it be? Far be it from most of us to put all our eggs in the basket of pollsters, but at least this one is a starting place for discussion. According to a recent poll conducted in Georgia by SurveyUSA of voters who do not plan to show up for next week’s runoffs elections, 55 percent of respondents who identify as “very conservative” said they will stay home — because they believe “the voting process is rigged.”

Again, congratulations, geniuses.

I’m not a pollster — as a result, by the way, I didn’t embarrass myself by making ridiculous election predictions that didn’t come anywhere close to right — but intuitively it seems to me that 55 percent is a high number, which leads me to wonder how many “very conservative” “conservatives” say they’ll sit this one out — out of “principle,” or whatever — but will in fact show up.

And those who don’t show up?

Fox Business anchor Charles Payne, like me, thinks you are “Cray Cray.”

“A recent Survey USA poll said 55% of Georgia voters that describe themselves as ‘very conservative’ said they will not vote in the runoff elections because ‘the voting process is rigged.’ That’s compared to 0% of self-described ‘liberals’ and ‘very liberals.


Additional results from the SurveyUSA poll.

Of those who are not voting in the US Senate runoffs, a disproportionate number are conservative. Of those who identify as “very conservative,” 55% say they are not voting in the runoff elections because “the voting process is rigged.” This compares to zero percent of liberals and very liberals.

Another 7% of “very conservative” voters say they are “intentionally boycotting” the runoffs. This compares to zero percent of liberals and very liberals. So those are the headwinds that incumbent Republicans David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler face.

In the end, because of or in spite of a newly announced Runoff Eve 01/04/2021 campaign rally by President Donald J. Trump, conservatives may get off their rump and walk the walk. But at this hour, both Democrats have tailwinds:

* Ossoff (D), 51%.
* Perdue (R), 46%.
* Compared to an identical SurveyUSA poll 3 weeks ago, Ossoff is up 1, Perdue is down 2.
* Ossoff had led by 2, now leads by 5.

* Warnock (D), 52%.
* Loeffler (R), 45.
* Compared to an identical SurveyUSA poll 3 weeks ago, Warnock is flat, Loeffler is flat.
* Warnock had led by 7, still leads by 7.

But, hey — what’s the big deal about control of the Senate, right?

I mean, the Democrats already have control of the House and will soon occupy [pun intended] the White House; what’s the big diff if they recapture the Senate and Chucky becomes Majority Leader, as well?

You might remember a couple of characters — Sidney “Kraken” Powell” and Planet Neptune resident Lin Wood — who, along with their seemingly-daily promises of “biblical” cases, and unsubstantiated conspiracy theories, suggested earlier this month that Republicans should boycott the Georgia runoffs, as well.

Georgia Republicans, don’t be like “Kraken” and Neptune.

Again, Georgia, do not sit this one out. Pout in your room if it makes you feel better, but don’t be insane — for the sake of showing everybody how “principled,” you are.

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