Here’s How Much Andrew Cuomo’s Sexual Harassment Scandal Has Been Covered

This morning I joined Chris Stigall on his radio show, and one of the topics that came up was Andrew Cuomo’s latest scandal (see Former Cuomo Aide Makes Troubling Allegations of Sexual Harassment Against Him). A former aide named Lindsey Boylan has levied sexual harassment allegations against the New York Governor, and they don’t just center on verbal misbehavior. She claims he kissed and touched her in an unwanted fashion. Boylan also says Cuomo once prompted her to play strip poker.

After talking to Chris about the topic, I decided to go look around and see exactly how the press were covering Cuomo’s disgusting antics. Well, I quickly found an answer.

Newsbusters has more details on exactly how long it took the networks to mention this story (see ABC Refuses to Report on Cuomo Sex Harassment Scandal, But Does Cover GOP Scandal)

Would any of those networks have skipped a sexual harassment/assault allegation against any Republican all the way down to the dog catcher in Yuma? Yet, Andrew Cuomo, currently already in the national news due to his nursing home scandal, doesn’t warrant immediate coverage? That’s certainly not the standard we’ve seen put on figures like Donald Trump. Where are the ten person panels and wild speculation about Cuomo’s alleged activities? We know the answer to that.

NBC and CBS waited until a full day later to cover the Cuomo revelations, and only briefly. CNN also finally covered the allegations about an hour before this piece published. They did so with a throwaway article on their website in which they frame it as Cuomo denying the allegations. You’ll notice that’s always the cover given to Democrat politicians. When an accusation is made, instead of running to report it like they would for a Republican, these news networks wait for the denial so that can dominate their coverage.

To their credit, The New York Daily News, a vey left-wing publication, did go after Cuomo on the front page this morning. That should be the veracity shown by every network and newspaper. This is a major story about a major figure. It’s especially relevant because Cuomo has previously claimed that anyone accused should step down immediately. Instead, because he’s a hypocrite, he’s bunkering down. I’m actually beginning to think he may not survive all these scandals, though. Things are really snowballing, and his approval rating has dipped below 50%, something that never happens in dark blue New York.

We’ll see how this all plays out. Even without this latest allegation, he’s a terrible governor who should be cast out of power as soon as possible.


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