CNN’s Perez: Trump Issuing ‘Michael Scott-Style’ Declarations Not Litigation

CNN senior justice correspondent Evan Perez said Monday on “At This Hour” that he is “astonished” that former President Donald Trump’s legal team is not using ligation to slow the Justice Department’s investigation of the FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago.

Perez said, “One of the things that we’re waiting for and we’re frankly just astonished that we haven’t seen is a formal effort by the Trump team, by the former president and his lawyers to try to put some breaks on the Justice Department.”

He continued, “What routinely happens in cases like this is they go to court, and they ask a judge, ‘Hey, they took attorney-client privilege material as part of this search.’ You accused the Justice Department of overreach. You try to at least slow things down to give the former president time to figure out how he’s going to defend himself. They haven’t done that. The only thing we’ve seen is this sort of Michael-Scott-style declaration by the former president on his Truth Social platform where he says he’s declaring that there was attorney-client material taken.”

He added, “One of his allies or lawyers also suggested there was executive privilege here, which of course is kind of a bizarre thing. You know, this is what we were expecting, some litigation between Monday when this was taken, and now we haven’t seen it yet.”

Perez concluded, “It still may happen, this is a case that probably still has a long way to go, but they haven’t done it yet.”

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